Al-Namrood - Ten Years of Resistance
$4.50 - $22.00

  • Al-Namrood - Ten Years of Resistance

Al-Namrood - Ten Years of Resistance
$4.50 - $22.00

One of the world's most unique black metal acts returns to celebrate their tenth year in existence. With 'Ten Years Of Resistance' the Arabian extremists confirm what many fans and reviewers have known for years, Al-Namrood is a force to be reckoned with.

What makes this album unique, is the unusual and daring combination of elements. First of all, this usually isn't the typical blast-beats driven black metal. 'Estorat Taghoot' and 'Fe Al Diaji' are slow but loaded with atmosphere. Furthermore, traditional instruments are being mixed into the brutality.

Then, there is the rather unusual but powerful voice of Humbaba, which reminds me more of folk metal bands like Finntroll or Korpiklaani than most black metal bands. In fact, 'Hayat Al Khlood' reminds me a lot of Dutch folk metalers Heidevolk, which is another unique entity in the extreme metal scene. Of course, Al-Namrood has been influenced by wave after wave of metal bands coming from the West. They absorbed those sounds and added their own flavor to it, a flavor that pushes the whole thing straight towards the avant-garde of heavy music.

The album contains seven songs and lasts for about forty minutes. I'm quite sure that all fans of black and folk metal can easily appreciate this, except maybe the die-hard racists and narrow minded right wingers but let's ignore those for a while. Let's just focus on the clenched fist that Al-Namrood has provided, with stunning pieces of music like 'Al Jahliyah' and 'Endama Tuqsaf Al Rous'. Although not your everyday black metal, all of these songs breathe the vintage air and honors the old school tradition of rebellion, pride and a strong will to be who you really are.

And isn't that what black metal is all about? So I urge you to purchase this fantastic statement, just like I urge Al-Namrood to continue their path of resistance, at least for another ten years. The world needs bands like this!

-Merchants of Air

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Shaytan Productions. Black Vinyl. 2018. Limited to 200
Shaytan Productions. Gold Vinyl. 2018. Limited to 100
Shaytan Productions. CD. 2018. Limited to 500.

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