Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory LP

  • Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory LP

Darkestrah - Embrace of Memory LP

Much darker and more somber than its predecessor, Darkestrah's second feature entitled "Embrace of Memory" shows us a more defined and unequivocal face of the Kyrgyz compared to the endearing "Sary Oy". Returning to resort to paganism as the central axis for the theme of practically all the songs,

Darkestrah makes a harrowing compilation of feelings, based on unease and absolute longing for what once was. Although they completely shed their folk vibe, the group fully develops their music based on guitar, bass and drums, adding an omnipresent keyboard that offers shelter to the prevailing rawness that we find in a very cruel and harsh production, but that never leaves that environmental zephyr so characteristic of the group.

More than forty minutes packed with instrumental diversity, affliction and a good handful of surprises that round out the task. On this beautiful canvas, Darkestrah performs his Pagan Black Metal with stupendous ability.

The Bishkek natives pack their bags away from the cyclical hypnotism they inherited from Burzum and lead their hordes into bolder and more gorgeous wastelands. The freshness and variety is more than guaranteed, the vocals better accompany the music and the group rides together in the same direction, giving us a narcotic journey through the undefeated and untamed mountains of Tien Shan until we suffer on the heights of Jengish Chokusu.

We find ourselves with a very remarkable album from the beginning with the dark and very pagan "Black Cathedral", which takes us by the hand, engulfs us and teleports us to ancient times where brilliant compositions like "Sing of War", "Akyr Zaman "and" Human Hopes "lie in wait to begin the final ascent with the divine" Primivite Dance "and" Marching of the Hordes ", a cover by the Turks Pagan.

Darkestrah manage to create an awe-inspiring record, packed with simple and effective drums, a bubbly voice, more polished guitar work, and a more competent and no-nonsense keyboard. The musical and compositional quality that we find here is above the general average as far as Black Metal is concerned, which is already a gain. Four smug and satisfying horns for Darkestrah and his beautiful "Embrace of Memory". - ELPORTALDELMETAL

Pressing Information

Shaytan Productions. Black LPin Gatefold . Limited to 300. 2019.

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